The bistro Paris Boheme is located inside the ancient walls of Lucca.

With a touch of France and an English atmosphere, it offers lunch, afternoon tea and coffee, and candelight dinners to all its special guests.

Paris Boheme’s owners Luis and David, have created a magic centre of culture, art, music and entertainment, combined with their Italian hospitality.

Paris Boheme has the warm feel of your living room, a healthy environment, rich furnishings and impeccable service.

Paris Boheme is easily adaptable for all types of events, not only small private functions.

We add value to your event, offering the best Italian and French wines and appreciating the great range of the requirements of our English guests.

Paris Boheme di Fargione Luisito e David Foussier - Piazza Cittadella, 6 - Lucca (Centro Storico) - Tel:+39 338 9305275 Facebook: Parisbohemelucca
P.iva 02188870469